MSME Registration

What is MSME Registration?

MSME stands for micro, small, and medium-sized businesses. The MSME sector is the foundation of the economy in a developing nation like India. The nation's economy as a whole expands and thrives as these industries prosper. SSIs or small-scale industries are another name for these businesses. MSME Registration is free and divided into two primary categories, such as manufacturing firms and service enterprises. Any business that wants to legally launch and run in India must first complete the MSME registration process.

MSME Registration

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Revised Classification

The basis for classification of an enterprise as a micro, small and medium enterprise is-


Investment in plant and machinery or equipment


Micro enterprise

< INR 1 Crore

< INR 5 Crore

Small enterprise

< INR 10 Crore

< INR 50 Crore

Medium enterprise

< INR 50 Crore

< INR 250 Crore

Other points to be kept in mind :-

Following Aadhaar number is required based on the type of firm :-

Type of firm

The person whose Aadhaar number is required

Proprietorship firm


Partnership firm

Managing partner

Hindu Undivided Family


Company or a Co-operative Society or a Trust or a Limited Liability Partnership

Authorized signatory

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